In-ground pool, contemplating no winter cover

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Jun 6, 2009
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Hi everyone,

This spring I struggled to remove a massive tarp left in place by previous homeowners, pumping off innumerable gallons of water and raking off a million soggy leaves. I vowed never again and left it by the curb.

Now I'm in a predicament. I need a new pool cover, the pool is large with a back rock wall and earthen berm with waterfall. Therefore I need a custom cover with anchors drilled into the rocks etc. I'm getting quoted around $7700 for a Lacuna 95% mesh cover with sewn in padding to protect it from the coping. Sounds like the right way to do it, but I really need a break from massive expenses.

Questions for the group:
1. Think I can get away with no cover this winter? Oak trees are already dropping acorns; white pines dropping needles constantly. Yes, I'm going to try to trim back the brush (see pics)
2. Any reason not to drain it dry, since it's gunite? I'm hoping that solves the issue of algae when I fill it back up in spring. It's fenced in and locked (not shown).


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Jul 21, 2013
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Your plaster is going to take a beating if left dry to the weather over a winter.

If you don't open hydrostatic drains to relieve any groundwater pressure you risk the pool popping out of the ground. The weight of pool water offsets any ground water pushing the pool up.

You will get an accumulation of leaves, dirt, water, snow and ice in the shell. The tanin in the leaves will stain your plaster. You will have a big mess to clean up in the spring.


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Jul 5, 2018
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No help here, sorry. Only wanted to tell you that your pool and setting are just beautiful. Hope you find a good winter solution.