In Ground Lighting Question


Jun 2, 2010
My 500 watt spotlight just burned out in my 16 x 32 inground pool and I am considering replacing it with one of the LED models that changes colors. Several questions about that...I was considering the J & J Electronics Color Splash light at an Ebay price of about $200 with free shipping. My questions for the 'collective wisdom' of the group are:

Is that light a decent choice and is that a good price?

I know the LED light won't be as bright as the 500 watt spotlight, but will it be at least 'adequate' to light the pool?

I would prefer to just use one of the replacement 'bulbs' vs changing out the entire those work ok?

I've got a Hayward light assembly...the guy at the place on ebay says as long as the assembly is going back together and not leaking (it seems to be...I put it together while I await a replacement bulb and no bubbles came out when it was under I presume that means no leaks?) that I shouldn't have to replace the gasket. Is that a must do or not?

How in the world do you get that tiny little screw to line up under the water? Between that thing being full of air and ME being full of air to work with goggles on, I can't seem to get the thing back in the housing. Surely someone has a 'trick' that will help me.

Thanks in advance...want to get something ordered...but don't want to waste money and/or screw up the light.



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May 20, 2007
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1) Replace the gasket. It's not expensive. For me, it's like changing the oil, you change the filter too. Clean ALL surfaces! Astrolights are a PITA to get the ring and clamp on the fixture. You will get it but will also find you wish you had a 3rd hand too. You'll get it eventually.

2) The bulb may be adequate.

3) The fixture has a hooked tab that fits on the bottom. When it's in place and the fixture is flush or nearly flush at the top. the screwdriver will hold the screw straight. Feel for the hole and thread it into place.



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Aug 20, 2009
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Welcome to TFP. :wave:

I replaced my 500 watt "locomotive bright" light with a ColorSplash last summer, AND I love it!!!!!!! My pool is about 32 ft, light is located on deep end, end wall, steps off to side in shallow end. My plaster is medium blue (with mostly white calcium scale bottom :grrrr: ) The lighter your finish the more youe pool will be lighted. With the lighter colors (most) there is enough light to use the steps safely.

The light from the LED will disperse better into the water giving more glow to the water and less headlight effect. Swimming, at night becomes more enjoyable than you can imagine.

Setting one solid color can be a bit challenging but well worth the effort.

I'm not sure about the cost. I reported last year, in some posts, a price that was wrong. Seems like I paid well over $200. With anything you purchase from eBay seller, especially if they are not authorized dealers of a product, make sure the product manufacturer will honor the warranty.

You will enjoy and the cost in electricity is another added benefit especially if you like to keep it on all night. BTW... when I do that I like to have one of the color changing cycles on to evenly distribute the usage of the LEDs. Don't know if that is needed but do it anyway.



Jun 2, 2010

I ordered it after hearing from both of you. I'll report back after it arrives.

Just need to find someone who carries the new gasket.