In Floor Pop Up's Stopped Working


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Mar 26, 2017
Opening the pool, Hayward Equipment. Pressure on pop up's has been very low. I realized that last year I swapped out a 2hp motor for a 3/4hp motor as a temporary solution when I lost one. I just installed a new 2hp motor with pump repair kit and I thought things looked great. I had high pressure now on the pop up's and they seemed to be working. However, within a about 20 min the pop up's stopped working altogether and have not worked since. I've checked all valve positions, although nothing was labeled from the day I moved in, and believe all valves are where they should be. I currently have no idea why the pop up's stopped. I am down to the tearing apart the system that drives the pop ups but didn't want to overlook anything simple. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Jun 22, 2009
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Which infloor system do you have?

Are some of the heads stuck in the up position?

Assuming it's an A&A system, it's most likely either the gear(s) in the distributer head are worn, or it could be something as simple as a piece of debris stuck in the gears, stopping them from rotating through the zones.

Since it was working correctly and all of a sudden quit, I'd suspect debris in the gears.