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Scott T44

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Aug 3, 2021
Hello, I am getting bubbles for about 5 seconds each time the paramount floor jets move to the next cycle. It seems to be more in the deep end jets. I started with suction side and changed O ring on pump basket but then discovered that if there are no bubbles in my pump basket, it is the return side. Got a new O ring for my chlorinator tab pipe. Still have the same issue. I was told my filter needs replaced but would that create bubbles?? Perhaps my air release valve? I am at a loss. Was going to change O rings on the regulator for skimmer vs deep end drain but that would be a suction side problem, right? Then, the same guy told me not to worry too much about it or I would drive myself crazy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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Feb 6, 2015
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Air usually gets in via a suction side air leak.

Tell us a bit more about your pool.
Do you have a SWG?

Fill out your signature with your pool, pool equipment (including manufacturer and model numbers) and test kit info. This will assist us in helping you without needi g to ask about your pool/equipment each time.

Suggest you look thru

Scott T44

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Aug 3, 2021
So my next step might be to change O rings in 3 way regulator next to paramount dome. It always sounds like water flushing when it changes cycles but seems particularly noisy lately. Any tips? Is the incense test for leaks useful? There is this regulator with handle right next to dome and I have another where the pool pump, filter, etc. live
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