Impurities in Calcium Chloride


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Jun 24, 2018
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Calcium Chloride from the pool store is very expensive, and I see that many TFP folks buy alternate products. For instance, TFP ("Recommended Pool Chemicals") suggests using Peladow, yet Peladow's spec sheet ( PELADOW Prod Info Sheet.pdf) only specifies that the Calcium Chloride concentration is greater than 90%--what is the other 10%, and is it a problem for pool water? Likewise, I've seen TFP users recommend North American Salt Extreme 7300 Calcium Chloride, but again, their spec sheet indicates that the calcium chloride concentration could be as low as 73% ( Are these impurities in ice melt products a problem for pool water? Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced source of calcium chloride that doesn't contain impurities or contaminants that could cause a problem for pool water? Is pool store hardness increase truly "pure" calcium chloride?


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May 3, 2014
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Impurities in ice melt are normally sodium chloride and possibly magnesium chloride. Neither are an issue in pool water at low concentrations. Obviously, get the product with the highest calcium chloride concentration.
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