May 13, 2009
Anyone used one yet or is this brand new?

Seems to have a lot of the power saving advantages of the Intelliflow and a huge price savings. Now you don't get the fancy flow monitoring/constant flow but you also save a lot of money.

How much power savings with the permanent magnet motors over a conventional 2 speed? I replaced my single speed 1.5hp pump with a dual speed that almost runs all the time on low speed. How much electricity is saved on low speed with a permanent magnet motor? ... Detail.bok


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May 3, 2007
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Using the CEC Curve-A as a reference:

Intelliflo (PM motor): 130 watts @ 22 GPM & 1000 RPM = 10.15 gallons/watt-hr

Tristar (induction motor): 169 watts @ 22 GPM & 1035 RPM = 7.37 gallons / watt-hr

WFDS-24 (2 speed induction): 370 watts @ 31 GPM on low speed = 5.51 gallons / watt-hr

A 25% difference between the Intelliflo and Tristar seems like a big different but absolute wise it is less than 40 watts. Over time it might make a big difference but it depends on what you pay for electricity.

Unless you can compare that motor with a wet end to the above pump's using the same test setup, you really don't know for sure what you are going to get.