importance of outlet elbow o'ring


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Apr 25, 2020
Long Island, NY
Im trying to get my hayward de2420 filter to run perfectly. Right now the only problem im having is there is little air bubbles blowing in from the return line. I bought this filter used last year, long story short i replaced the entire grid system inside, as well as the main gasket, new spider gasket, new pump bucket o'ring, cleaned and examined pump drain, filter drain, and manual air relief valve. I have 2 more ideas before i dig up a section of pavers to examine the full plumbing.(which i dont want to do)Can these be the cause? 1. The little nobby thing on manual air relief that controls how much air you let out doesnt close all the way so there is always a tiny bit of air coming out that i can hear when i come close to it.(water air mix when i open it) or 2. I noticed when i was changing the grids the o'ring on the outlet elbow was worn down so when i slipped the top collector manifold over it there is some wiggle room, like its not sealed. this is my dilemma could it be one of these 2 things or should i just start pulling up the pavers. Thanks in advance

I also want to add, i just opened my pool and im going through the process of killing green algae so filter has been running at higher psi. once the filter reaches about 22 psi the bubbles stop and i get a smooth stream.


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Aug 15, 2017
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Slow down here. It would be important for you to fill in your signature, see link below and some pictures of your equipment pad so we can see what you have then we can advise better. For starters how is the water in the pump basket. Is it filling up, are there lots of bubbles in there. The air bleed valve should be fixed as that's not a good thing and isn't working as designed.