Impeller Screw Flange Broke


Apr 10, 2014
East Mesa, AZ
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Salt Water Generator
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Hayward Aqua Rite (T-15)
Hey all, my Pentair/American Products Ultra-Flow pump shaft seal started leaking, ordered a new rebuild kit. When I took out the "anti-spin" impeller screw, I noticed the plastic flange that goes on top of and a bit around the o-ring was broken. From one guide the o-ring needs to be there or it will leak: How to change motor & seal Ultraflo Pool Pump

So the question is, could I put a stainless washer or plastic washer and perhaps a tiny amount of sealant to seal the gap (RTV?) and re-use the existing impeller screw? Or do you think the o-ring will leak without that flange/guard? It may be hard to source one since it's listed as obsolete.

The area in red broke off all the way around, it seems to mostly act like a washer compressing the o-ring, but it does lip around the o-ring a tiny bit on the sides.


Thanks in advance!


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