I'm thinking about solar heating


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Jan 6, 2010
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My pool is sparkling. But chilly 76°F. So despite it looking mighty inviting, I ain't quite ready to jump in.

I did a search here, all the picture threads seem to have dead links.

I have a hose bib on the outlet pipe, the hose on it gets HOT. My yard gets a lot of sun.

Sooo.....I'm thinking about building a collector using some black plastic irrigation hose. Whaddya think? A piece of plywood painted black with the hose attached so it doesn't turn into a tangled mess? A plexiglass cover or not? It should be relatively easy to round up the parts at Lowes, a couple pieces of garden hose to connect it and return it to the pool, no permanent modifications needed.


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May 7, 2007
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Commercial panels are going to be much more cost effective and reliable. You can't even come close to matching the efficiency of commercial panels with something home made and they aren't especially expensive.