I'm Sorry - But Another Algae Situation


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Aug 13, 2021
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Hiya -

I'm new here. I have read many posts and responses about algae. I'm not seeing anything that is what I experienced, so I thank you in advance for your patience and help with another algae question.

First - yes, I know I need a test kit, and I do not have one yet. So... while I wait...

1. Backyard was under construction and concrete was removed from around liner pool in April. It sat stagnant. In hindsight, I should have just opened it, but with all the construction, we had no way of anticipating the best course of action. I assumed concrete would be replaced quickly, but instead it didn't AND the filter/pump were disconnected for electrical work. So...
2. Pool sat stagnant for 6 weeks. So much algae it was thick and gross and we had thousands of tadpoles living in it. I scooped a dozen or so dead toads out of it. It took maybe a month of treating it before we could even see the jets. Again - hindsight - we should have just emptied it and refilled. It would have been easier on my wallet and my insanity.
3. Got it crystal clear. Or so it seemed. Sand filter. Water had tested perfectly at store (I know - kit). Now it's like I'm fighting a new layer of algae every day.
4. FC is off the charts on the color strip. Total Chlorine is on the high end. Everything else is in the normal range.

While waiting for a kit... Anything I'm not doing right? I vacuum to waste almost every day. I brush every day. I use those skimmer socks and they actually catch some algae. Not using a pool cover right now. Pump running 24/7 unless temp drops at night. I feel like I'm constantly shocking, getting a morning of clear water, and then boom. It stares at me from the floor. I poured dissolved double shock into the skimmer because I was advised to do that to kill any algae in the filter.

Am I doomed?

Bonus Question: Would you recommend switching to salt water next year?

Thank you all. I feel like I know just enough info to THINK I know what I'm doing but to be wrong.


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Aug 22, 2017
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So you know the first problem, test kit. What you can do until that arrives is pretty minimal. Add 5ppm of LC daily so that problem does not get worse.

Read this

When you get your test kit you will need to SLAM

Bonus Question: Yes, I would not own a pool that did not have a SWG.
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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Jaime and Welcome !! Don’t beat yourself up too bad, almost all of us had to get off the pool store ‘dump and pray’ method merry-go-round. You will have several others finding their way here TODAY to share you pain. Ooodles before you and ooodles after you. So there is that.

Download the poolmath app and add the 5ppm of bleach daily while you wait for the kit to come, as said above. We will help you with the rest. :)

Bonus question : I feel so strongly about VS pumps and SWGs that I secured mine before signing my next build contract after moving. I was not going to even chance having to settle for what was available at build time.
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