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If @kellyfair can announce her vacation return so can I ;)

For the first time in 20-25 years I took an off the grid vacation. Which was no small task for a sole proprietor IT shop. I had to enlist the help of three other IT colleagues to cover my client base. We spent 5 days kayaking the San Juan River in Utah. And I must say.. to all you guys and gals that live in the Southwest, I forgot how toasty it was down there!

I left the pool and yard in my oldest son's charge... and I gave him a list of things to make sure he did.. "Yeah, yeah Dad.." Of course he knows everything. I returned to a pool that was about to turn green and dying plants.. Of course he didn't realize I left two gallons of chlorine in case it got hot.. "Oh" he said, "I guess I wasn't listening".. just like he didn't listen to my instructions on what plants to water.. cause he already knew. I tell ya kids will be kids.

But my trip was a blast. I wish I had my junior limnology kit with me or at least my TF100 to test the water. The mineral content of the SJ river must be off the charts.. because we could sit in it for hours and not prune up. The last place I could do that was Pamukkale in Turkey. We put in at Mexican Hat and ran to Clay Hills.. 5 days and 59 miles in all with white water kayaks and a raft for our provisions.... While in the area we managed to spend a few days at the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion and Vegas... Here are some pics.. because what is a good adventure without pics!

The Goosenecks... we spent an entire day navigating them.. our sense of direction was so screwed up when we were in them. Here is one meander of 5..
On the river, There were beavers, GBH's and lots of big horn sheep on the banks
Hiking a slot canyon off the river
THIS is how its done!
My daughter dropping into her first Class III rapid.. yes that is the same boat that is in my avatar
There were Pirates on the river... aargh!
Dinner on the North Rim of he Grand Canyon
Its fun to play in someone else's pool for a change!


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