I'm back !! Need your help and advice


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Apr 13, 2007
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Hi everybody !!!

Just signed the contract on new pool. This will be #3. We downsized couple years ago and gonna go low tech this time. Have a great PB and gonna build it old school for me.
Last pool was HUGE and full auto this, salt that, ps-8, inside controls, etc.
We are in our 50's, kids gone, don't need the bells and stuff anymore, nor the expense.
So, basics:
16x32 some kinda shape. PB says go back to Rectangle to max water space. we live in a ranch house now, so the lines will kinda go. I'm good with that.
3ft to 6ft VL, grad slope, polymer walls, steps on side. have a couple of swimming dogs so prob stay with TP, but gray now.
two skimmers, main drain, 2" piping. 6 returns. canterlevered concrete edge, concrete deck. no ladders.
going back to Rainbow feeder and triclor. Intermedic mechanical timers, 2 speed pump, polaris 280, sand filter. may add heat pump as we love em.
initinal plan was 3 intermedic timers, one for polaris, one to switch from high to low on two speed, and one for pump on off.
run pump on high from 6-10, polaris during that time too. low until midnightish. off until 6.
have done this is past with no probs and never a bloom.
want a polaris so i can leave cleaner in pool.without cord on deck (new robots)

advice on this......?
any and all.
esp pump technology. Var speed?
Trying to stay away from CIRCUIT boards......... (grrrr)
first pool was 55 chevy. always worked, timers were mechanical, nothing (much) broke, no salt/liner/corrosion probs.
i do pool maint, water bal, etc and know my stuff a little. will use TFP test kit again and BBB as much as possible.
I know pucks are gonna raise CYA, but i'm out on salt. Fancy chlorine in my book. (sorry)

Your advice and help appreciated!!

Last pool, nice, but money pit:
rolex 2008 169.jpg



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May 14, 2015
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Re: I'm baaaack !!

Just keep in mind that once the CYA gets too high you will have to drain to bring it back down. Anything above 80 for CYA gets too hard to keep safe. So once it gets up there you will do a 50% or more drain and then start over.

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You would be better served to just use bleach if you don't want to do the SWG again.


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Apr 13, 2007
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Re: I'm baaaack !!

are most people adding bleach by hand? seems i remember a liquid pump system. i fact i had one on an old well. It was kinda a pain.
does anybody make straight chlorine tabs? I like simple automation.
appreciate you.


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Aug 10, 2012
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Re: I'm baaaack !! Need your help and advice

A rough guess would be that around half have saltwater. The other half maybe 20% have automated liquid chlorine dosing via Stenner pump Or Liquidator and the the rest add manually by some combo of bleach/liquid chlorine and trichlor pucks until their CYA is where they want it. No, no pucks that are chlorine only, it needs a binder. More here about the options, Pool School - How to Chlorinate Your Pool

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