I'm a TFP Believer, and so is my PB


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Ok, the title may be a little misleading. I didn't actually turn the entire company into a believer in TFP, but my PM and the guy they sent out for pool school couldn't believe how clear the water was 6 days after start-up.

I sent these photos to my PM to have him come out and fix the bonding wire (which he did within 30 minutes). And I just had to share how amazingly easy it is using Pool Math and the knowledge from this forum.

CYA 'should' be at 70 by tomorrow morning with the last of 3 total additions of cyanuric acid. I am still fighting the good fight with pH, but that is to be expected with new plaster of course. The PB is bringing a vacuum out for me that is 'new plaster' safe until I can drop my robot in 3 weeks from now, so I will have better photos of the entire pool. But I can clearly see the screws on the main drains at a 7' depth!

FC: 9 (first thing in the morning) // 7 (end of day right after sunset)
CC: 0
TA: 80
CYA: 60
pH: 7.5 (raises above 8 with MA addition first thing in the morning back down around mid 7's)
CH: 220 (plaster has added some of this, will bring up to recommended levels after a couple more weeks)
Temp: 88

I know my FC is a little high for the current CYA, I am dialing that in as I start to understand my chlorine loss throughout the day.

Thank you all, even if all I do is lurk and search for answers to questions I have!


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Great Job!!
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