I'm a newbie with a pic !


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Welcome Miss North Carolina. Sounds like the North Carolinians are on the rise. Good job Dave (Duraleigh), you are getting the word out. NC, just wait, before too long, you will be a pro and answering questions about pools. Keep the pics coming. :-D


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May 10, 2007
Nice pool and welcome to the forum.

As far as North Carolina is concerned.....I found it to be one of the better places that I have lived! I still like to vacation down there. both the outer banks and grandfather mountain area.
Thanks !

Thanks everyone for the comments ! Yes we love NC, and our backyard. But of course there is always a price to pay....lots of leaves and blooms in the pool. But after spring it eases up a bit. And we had to put up the fence to keep critters out, however last summer we had 3 tree frogs that would swim every night for about a week then they disappeared. maybe the chlorine got to them... :lol: