I’m a little confused with slightly cloudy water


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Sep 11, 2013
Cocoa, fl
Can’t seem to get my water as clear as normal. Only with high levels of chlorine does it get clear. It’s not very cloudy now but like 1 step below where it should be. Maybe a slight murky.

Pump runs 8 hours a day at 80% ( summer months) I have been maintaining my chemistry myself for years.
While looking at my diagnosis section on my aqua logic one day I did notice that my tcell was shut down prematurely reading all zeros on the display. 80% of 8 hours = 6 hours it should be on and generating. It read all zeros 4 hours into the 8 hours programmed.

Anyone heard of these boards malfunctioning on the timer?

Current levels are: FC 5, CC 5.5, TA 80, cya 70,CH 260, salt 2800

correct me if I’m wrong but tcell’s either work or don’t work. No intermitting between the 2?