If you have trouble logging in... (AOL users please read)


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I made a few changes to the site, mostly nothing you are going to notice, but it may prevent some people from being able to log in - especially AOL users. If you are having any problems logging in, please clear your cookies and then try logging in again. If you are accessing the site via the browser built into AOL, you might also need to just go to the site via Internet Explorer or Firefox, without going through the AOL browser.

Generally speaking, you will probably have far fewer problems with this site if you do not use the AOL browser. In order to help prevent hijakcing, phpbb ties the session id in with the IP address. This is causes problems for AOL users since AOL uses a dynamic ip address that changes every time you leave the page. I'm not a fan of AOL for obvious reasons. :?

If you still having problems, contact me via e-mails using the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.