Identifying leak in wall of ig liner


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Nov 12, 2012
Ontario, Canada
I have a 20 year old in-ground vinyl liner that we plan on replacing next spring. I did a bucket test which confirmed that I have a leak. After a few days of monitoring the water loss has stopped. The level is above the returns and above the bottom of the skimmer opening. I had a leak in the wall professionally patched a few years ago and at the time the lines were pressure tested and found to be fine. I suspect that I have another hole in side of the liner, but no idea where. How do I figure it out? Most of what I have read has been dye tests focused on returns and skimmer leaks.

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These can be tricky, and you have to go very slow around the pool. It sounds as if you have ruled-out the return jets and the skimmer since the water stopped dropping above them. So the liner would seem to make sense. Could be the smallest of tears. Last time I did some leak tests, I used a simple syringe and food coloring like this. Maybe you can do the same as you go around the water line if you feel something odd.



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Sep 19, 2016
There are less time consuming ways, but you need equipment to do it. Leaktronics makes some equipment that can do this but it's not cheap. You could go on the leaktronics website and use their map to see who in your area has bought equipment and try to find someone that has the electronics. If you don't have that, then you need a snorkel and a bottle of dye (and a bottle of patience). I think pool dye is slightly different than food coloring. It has a consistency that makes it stick together in water. You can buy pool dye on Amazon or at a pool store.