Ideas needed on what to fill rock holes with


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Jun 22, 2011
I live in the mountains and it is just not possible to level the site without running into rock, not little rock but softball and larger. I've run into a few that are near my plates and bottom rails that I need to remove but was wondering what you all thought was the best course to filling the holes so I don't have settling down the road. I was thinking about crushed limestone and compacting multiple layers of it until I get it back to level with the ground.

Any other ideas that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 21, 2010
Antelope, CA
I would think some of the construction "sands"-- like "general use sand" or a pool base or any other compacting sand would work. I have heard of screenings from a quarry being used. Some of these are not acceptable for use directly next your liner and require another finer, rock-free material.

Call your local landscape rock company and ask them what they have for a compacting sand. You may need a better sand for right next to the pool or some of the foam pads people have talked about here to make the pool softer. Locally, if I order more then 3 yards at the same time they waive the delivery fee. The delivery fee is normally about the same price as one yard of sand/rock. So, if I need two yards (plus delivery), I order three yards (no delivery fee) for the same cost. Also, you can order a split load. This would be like three yards of compacting base plus two yards of clean sand, in the same truck, and there isn't a delivery fee if you are close enough. I guess that also means, choosing the dealer closest to you may mean avoiding delivery fees from a vendor further away that charge less per yard but more in delivery fees. Sorry to ramble.

I just have mine on dirt with a very thin liner pad.

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Apr 11, 2012
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For leveling use the crushed lime stone or screenings.

Use a thin layer of sand or foam under the liner to protect it and comfort while waking in the pool.

Using sand to level your site could result in settling or the sand washing out.

Be sure to use pavers under the supports, and make sure they are all level with the ground and each other.