Ideas for Spa "House"


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Aug 28, 2009
We're doing a complete redo of the yard, with AGP in the ground and deck. We have a brand new spa as well that will be sunken into the deck.

I'm designing the new deck, and trying to come up with some ideas that will allow me to extend the season a bit with the spa. Ideally, creating some sort of "house" that I could put up around the spa during the early winter would be awesome. I'm concerned that a full on gazebo will detract from the look of the back yard, and useability of everything for the typical summer season, but that's less of a concern as Winter sets in.

I'll be building the deck myself, the deck material will be trex/composite, so I could possibly integrate it with something like that. I've seen some that use the tub itself as the base, and then adds to it.

Does anyone have any ideas/pics, links, etc.?


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Apr 4, 2007
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Just throwing an idea: What about a pergola type thing that would just be a framework around the spa, with framed panels that your could bolt or pin in place when the weather turns. Plywood sheets ripped in half on a 2X4 frame would be reasonably manageable at 2'X8'?

If you set it up so you had say 4"X6" posts with 2' or 4' between them you could slip a panel or two in, and put a bolt through the panel on each side and the post, which would be fairly easy to install and fairly solid if you had about four bolts from top to bottom.

Maybe even have windows in some panels, and weatherstripping on the 2X4s to seal the gaps.


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Aug 28, 2009
Not a bad idea actually.

I'm building a pergola over the main part of the deck anyway, and then over the outdoor kitchen, so from a look standpoint, it might integrate well.

Here's a snapshot of what the design should look like.



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