Ideas for pulling side valve without handle.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Please give us a clue what we are talking about? :scratch:

How about posting a picture of the type of valve you are having issues with.


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That's the valve. The handle came out without the rest of the "plunger" section (4 and 6 above are part of the "plunger"). The handle is attached via a metal pin that runs through the top of the "plunger" and the bottom of the handle shaft. When I pulled, there was nothing left of that pin.

For now, I've just left it in place as I've cleaned the filter by hand and did some temporary repairs on two of the grids that had holes. We're in penny pinching mode right now, so purchases of new grids or multiports are out of the question.

When I get back to it, I wonder if running the pump while having a wet towel over the top of the valve will get the plunger part to move. I'm worried about creating a missile though.


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Jul 21, 2013
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75200 Zer0 Pool and Spa Lubricant can be used to release a stuck slider. Typically what is done is pull the valve up as much as you can and squirt the lube very liberally around the O ring. Work the slider up and down and turning it as much as you can to get the lube down into the slider. Try the lube is you want to try and release the slider.

This You Tube Video shows how the lube can be used...

What can happen is the orings swell. Then no amount of lube will do it. Use steady constant force. NO shock force to the plastic, it will break. If you get it out and are going to keep, REPLACE the orings every year. They are cheap, and less time consuming.
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Thanks! Without the handle, I don't have much leverage to pull or turn. I attached a locking pliers on there to see if I could pull, but didn't want to turn it for fear of damaging the plastic. I've just cleaned the filter, so I have some time to figure out what I want to do, but that Zero stuff gives me another tool, so I appreciate that.