Ideas for coping for my new Fiberglass pool


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Jan 17, 2012
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Well, your pool has an edge on top that my fiberglass pool did not. So we ran the brushed cement decking rght to the edge.
Now this guy here- @keithw has an urge to change his decking and coping at times and is very creative. This link is his original build but you can find other updates over the years if you use the search feature.

Keep us updated on what you do. :)

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Jun 10, 2020
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Is this an owner build? The reason I ask is the manufacturer of the shell will have specific instructions on the proper concrete collar, backfill, etc., and all that will allow for a nice coping.

My FB shell does have that edge, and the concrete collar is poured around the shell, and then up to the lip. My coping is glued to the FB shell, as well as the concrete around the shell, then pavers on top of the base around. Here is a few pics I have of the base on top of the concrete, before the next batch of concrete is poured around the shell.


An my paver coping on top...

Note the rail for my autocover is also there, but the coping sits on top of the shell.


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Aug 16, 2020
Just curious what you wound up doing. What model of pool is that?

we are getting a Valencia by Latham with regular cantilever coping and our builder said with a straight edge it’s required to be done within 14 days of shell install.
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