Ideal CYA - Not Salt water


May 11, 2018
Lexington, KY
I have a few questions here.
1. What is the ideal CYA for a vinyl pool? I have been trying to keep my CYA LOW like as close to 30 as possible because of the lower needed amount of FC but I feel like every other day to every day I'm adding a gallon of bleach and this seems like a lot of bleach to be adding all the time. I'm wondering now that we are basically getting full sun all the time if it is better to raise up the CYA to xx amount and then get the FC up much higher would this reduce the amount of bleach I would need to dump all the time???

2. Not as important but something that I don't understand, why is the FC different from a SWG to a Non-SWG in the cya/fc charts. I don't understand why it depends on how the pool is getting FC to how much FC you need to maintain based on the CYA levels. You would think these FC numbers would be the same based on the CYA level.