Ideal chemical levels?


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Nov 11, 2017
Greenville, SC
I am draining my pool as we speak to rid myself of the pool store mistakes from last fall when I bought the house. I am going to give it a good pressure washing so I can start clean when I fill it tonight.

I am still not sure the filter and pump which have a good bit of duct tape and JB Weld is going to work. I had hoped to figure that out by now with the advice from my other thread. A bad car accident has side lined me for the last month.

I have a TF 100 test kit. What order should I begin adding things, and what are the ideal levels including borate?


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Test your fill water now. No need to check FC,CC or CYA here but you will want an idea of the calcium, TA and pH of the fill water.

Pick up some bleach, CYA and pool acid in advance. Don't get crazy with the power washer and consider mixing a bucket of water with bleach and brushing the walls as the water level drops.


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Apr 12, 2016
Tucson, AZ
Hold off on borates until you have your TA dialed in.

Do you have a salt water chlorine generator? The instructions below are for non-salt pools:

First off after fill is chlorine (I'd dose for 4ppm) and acid if needed to get the pH into range. Then stabilizer (CYA) to 30ppm, boosting chlorine to 6ppm using bleach. Run a full set of numbers after that and let us know and we can figure out any additional changes that will need to happen.


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Nov 11, 2017
Greenville, SC
Just ran some tests. Only drained the pool half way.

Fc 5
cc 1
ph 8 I did both the mix test comparing it to the color in the tube and the ph meter
ta 60
ch 125
cya will run in the morning, I know there is some in there.
borate, I know there is some in there, but didn’t do the strip test tonight.

What order do I want to tackle getting these adjusted?

I found the chart with the ranges for fiberglass pools in pool school. What is the ideal or sweet spot?

I am trying to edit my signature. The pool is probably about 8500 gallons, fiberglass, in ground, chlorine, Hayward sand filter