iChlor 30 was flashing a message "LOSS" with two red lights in first few minutes of turning on


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Apr 23, 2018
Only a few days after posting my "How do I care for my SWG" thread I see this. I was going to post a picture but by the time it took me to go inside, grab my phone, and go back outside (a minute maybe?) the system was up and green and looking great. I am normally never out there when it turns on but I was this morning as I have to drain a few inches from the pool with all of the rain we have been having. I tried looking up this error code and cant find anything, so either I was still dreaming when I went out there or I am going crazy. Two lights were flashing over and over and the display screen showed the message LOSS. What does this mean?

Right now it's still green, everything is fine, and no errors are present. The system is hooked up to one of those communication boxes and talks back to my Pentair pump so it knows what to do and when.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
The flashing lights at pump startup mean the cell is waiting for flow and to run a salt test and confirm salinity is within specs before it begins generating. It is normal at startup.
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