Ichlor 30 flow problem


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Jul 9, 2017
Just had this system installed the first week in June. System ran great up until 2 weeks ago. The cell light is flashing red but the flow light is green. From what the book said it meant it had a bad flow senior. The people who put it in replaced that part, but it's still doing the same thing. I read on how to bypass it, but I feel that's not the answer. Has anyone else had this problem? I know for a fact it's still not generating chlorine so I'm going to call the people I bought it from to come back and do it over again. I feel like for being a month old i shouldn't have this problem.


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Aug 10, 2012
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Yes, they should come back out and fix it again. Be sure to add bleach to maintain FC so your pool remains sanitized and algae free.


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Mar 2, 2011
Looks like it's indicating that the temperature sensor is bad. The temperature sensor is in the flow sensor, so that's what needs to be replaced.

The manual says that it still produces with a bad temperature sensor. So, it should be working.

If they replaced the flow/temperature sensor and it didn't fix it, maybe they only connected the flow sensor.

Check diagnostics.

Diagnostic Mode

To enter “Diagnostic Mode” press and hold the MORE button for 3 seconds, until light indicates you are in diagnostic mode.

Note: Be sure you are not in Output Percentage mode (Output flashing). In this mode, pressing and holding the MORE button will only fast-forward the output setting.

While in “Diagnostic Mode”, you can advance to the next screen by pressing the MORE button. You will not be able to go back to the previous screen. You can only advance by pressing the MORE button. The LESS button has different functions during diagnostic mode and will be explained further below.

There are five different screens in diagnostic mode:

First screen: Total Cell Hours (life).
Displays total cell hours (lifetime) in a rotating pattern.
While on this screen, the WAND report can be displayed by pressing the LESS button.

Note: If needed, the WAND report can be re-sent by pressing the LESS button once again.

Second screen: Temperature (°F or °C)
Displays water temperature in either °F or °C.
While on this screen the user can switch between °F and °C by pressing the LESS button.

Third screen: Salinity (ppm)
Displays last salinity level (ppm) recorded by the unit.
While on this screen the unit is able to take real-time salinity readings, which can be accessed by pressing the LESS button.

Fourth screen: Cell Voltage (V)
Displays last cell voltage recorded by the unit.
While on this screen the unit is able to take real-time cell voltage readings, which can be accessed by pressing the LESS button.

Note: If front panel orientation is flipped 180° (see explanation below), displayed voltage will
not show the decimal point as it shows during factory-set orientation. For example, 22.4V will be displayed as 224.

Fifth screen: Firmware Revision (r)
Displays current firmware revision (r X.XX)
While on this screen the orientation of the user interface can be flipped 180° by pressing both (LESS and MORE) output buttons. This will allow for multiple types of installations and field set ups.

Note: After flipping the user interface the button functionality will be swapped, and the display will be upside down. You will need to install a 180° overlay (included with every unit) in order to
operate the unit in this mode.