IC60 cold water stop


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Dec 15, 2014
Riverside California
My IC60 finally stopped working with a cold water temp indication. Pool water according to Easy Touch is 54 degrees, but probably the thermistor in IC60 is indicating 52 degrees or less to the IC60. Too bad the thermistor in the IC60 is NTC or I might be tempted to put a small value resistor in line with the thermistor to make the IC60 think the wate temp is a little higher to mabe get another week or two for the SWG to work. Oh well, break out the jugs of liquid chlorine until March or so.

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Mar 2, 2011
You could put a resistor in parallel or instead of the thermistor or you could cut the wires and the cell would use 77 degrees as the default temperature but it's really not a good idea to make the cell work at low temperatures.

The salinity would be off some depending on what temperature you make it read.

For resistors in parallel
1/R1 + 1/R2 = 1/Rtotal

For example, if the thermistor is reading 18,870 ohms, you could put a 100,000 ohm resistor in parallel to get a new reading of 15,874 ohms.

Or, you could use a 15k ohm resistor in place of the thermistor.
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