IC40 salt calibration


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Aug 18, 2015
A few days ago, you fine folks helped me to change out my IC40 for a new one
Today, I’m checking the monthly numbers...

using a taylor k1766, which admittedly I have been using the same reagents since 2016, I get a salt level of 3600.
My new cell is reading 7100.
Is it time to buy new reagents? Or another test? Or is my new cell able to be calibrated.
I have been self managing the pool since new, and I have always had faith in my testing. Drain similar amounts of water each fall/winter and add similar, but not same, amounts of salt each spring based on testing.
I’m quite surprised at how far off the result is. If it’s correct, I’m going to be draining a bunch of water.
As always, thanks in advance for any advice or assistance.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Trust your K-1766. The reagents are very stable in the salt test. The problem is with your cell salt reading.

Where are you seeing 7100? The IC40 does not have a display.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Is the salt flashing green, meaning high salt??

If not I suspect the problem is that you added salt and then immediately fired the cell up.. A really high salt level hit the cell..

Keep in mind that the IC40 only reads the salt level right at start up, and 12 hours later. Nothing you do in between matters..

Reboot the system.. the cell should do the railroad crossing red and green flashing as it calibrates itself.

Then see tell us what the lights show, and what level is being reported to the EasyTouch.


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