IC40 Flow switch still red after replacement


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Aug 10, 2020
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My salt cell is about a year and a half old and I noticed that the flow light was red, after verifying that there were no obstructions and acid cleaning it I reattached it and the light was still red. After some research online everything pointed to replacing the flow switch. I just replaced it and the flow light is still red. I don't think there is a flow issue as all my popups are working correctly and my water feature is working as designed. Could it be that the cell needs replacing or maybe the circuit board in the power management box?


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Nov 12, 2017
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Depending on where you bought it and how it was installed, a Pentair IC usually carries a two-year warranty. Did you try calling Pentair for a replacement? When I did, I explained the problem and they just mailed me a new one. My IC was registered with them at time of purchase, so that helped. I swapped 'em out, done.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I have found that those little button connectors that come with the flow switch kit are not that great... ☹

Just as a test, I would short Red and Black wires coming from the cell together. If the red flow light is still on, then the cell has to be bad. If the flow light turns green it means either you have a bad connection or the new flow switch is not working.

Another slight possibility is that the red flow LED is bad and the flow switch is working.. If this were the case, the cell would calibrate and produce chlorine.


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