IC40 Failure?


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Aug 18, 2015
All, thanks in advance.

I am on my 5th season with an IC40. Had to replace the flow switch 2 year ago. This spring, my salt readings (from the diagnostics) have been falsely high AND low, as compared to my drop based titrations. The red flow light has been on occasionally this past week. 3 days ago I noticed my chlorine level dropping, but it has been peak pollen season, so i didn't think much of it. I bumped up the output... 2 days ago, the red flow light stayed on. Yesterday, I replaced the switch, and all seemed normal, except I still had a falsely elevated salt level. Today, red flow light back on.

I have in the meantime checked the cell to make sure it wasn't occluded or fouled, or scaled. -It wasn't. My filter pressure hasn't budged, and I'm living the life of dumping bleach into the pool daily.

I called pentair finally, and they told me my cell is likely worn out. I was surprised, because on the diagnostics, it displays at 20% on the "lifetime monitor"...

Doing some quick math, my pool is open 6 months a year, the cell runs between 30-60% setting, depending on weather. Pump runs 15 hours a day.

180*15= 2700 hours/year
2700*4.5 years =12,150 hours
12,150 *.3-.6= 3645-7290 hours

Is it crazy to just order a new cell and call it good? Because, that's my current plan...


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Jul 7, 2014
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Nothing works unless the flow is OK.. As long at the red flow light is on, nothing else matters.

Either you have good flow or not.. If you can feel a good flow of water coming out of your returns, then the flow switch should be closed. If you just installed a new flow switch it should be working..

That said their little button connectors are sometimes intermittent, so I would double check them.

Assuming your flow is good and the switch is good, then you need to by-pass the switch, as a test only, and see if the red flow light goes out, If it does not turn green, with the two wires connected, then the cell is bad, no matter how much life it has left. To bypass the switch, short the Red and Black coming from the cell together..

Do not run it this way other than for a short test.


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