iAqualink thinks it is in Service Mode


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Jul 15, 2012
This is an occasional problem I have had for the last three seasons that I have yet to identify. I have a 100% WIRED system - no WIFI. My iAquaLink (version 1) will frequently think it is in service mode after the panel has been in service. Its as if there is a delay with the iAqualink recognizing that the Jandy is back in Auto. To date, no one has explained why this might happen, but it happens a lot. So I am asking the wider audience, any ideas? It is a Jandy dual pump controller with Rev R. And to repeat myself, not using WIFI so this NOT a WIFI issue.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I'm not up on Jandy, but your idea that it might be some delay sounds worth looking into..

What do you normally use the Service mode for?

Thanks for posting, let's hope one of our Jandy guy's can chime in,

Jim R.


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Jun 24, 2012
When you experience this delay does unplugging the wired connector at the router and plugging back in do anything to reestablish connection? Do you have UPnp enabled on your router?
I have a Jandy Aqualink RS with a wired Autelis PDA interface and it's rock solid but that's not your setup. Is the iAqualink set to a static or dynamic IP?
I might be off base here, but I know that I had to put my home automation (Mi Casa Verde) onto a different VLAN because my Onkyo amp was not playing nicely with its network broadcasts and my home automation would listen and lock up.
As soon as I set my router to VLAN and separated the two, the issues went away. Maybe there is something else on your LAN that is causing this to happen?

Just some ideas to try and isolate the issue....


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Jul 15, 2012
Thanks for the thoughts. After seeing it offline yesterday for about 4 hours, I went to the panel, put it in a and out of service mode, and all was fine. I do have an Autelis in the hookup as well, and it worked despite the issues with the iAqualink. Also, the iAqualink would show the setting on the pool despite it thinking "service mode". It knew heater on, salt level, etc. Making changes to the router did not seem to help. It may be that the iAqualink is missing the message that the panel left service mode. I would need someone who is more familiar with how the iAqualink functions to chime in. As best I can tell, the issue is not communication with the iAqualink, but just that the iAqualink is not properly getting notified, some of the time, when the panel goes to service mode. And it does not seem to simply poll for status (of course the issue might be the other way, with the panel not sending out proper message to iAqualink, but I tend to doubt it).