iAquaLink problems & eero mesh


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May 30, 2018
Carefree, AZ
Learned a lot - probably more than I thought possible - from this site. Up until now have been reading and listening to others - nothing to contribute. I read a number of posts about problems connecting the eero mesh router because I had been having intermittent connection problems. Before calling eero support, we assigned a static IP address to the iAquaLink. This improved the connectivity but it would still drop after some time. Eero was well aware of the problems and suggested unplugging the two "extension" units (nodes) and setting the router to only broadcast 2.4 GHz. After the eero was "simplified" to a single node broadcasting on a single frequency - I followed the normal reset procedures )turning the switch from Wired to Wireless and going into the network on my iphone and setting up the iAquaLink connection).

Eero support's comment was that iAquaLink was seeing too many connections with the same ID (because of how the mesh works) and getting confused. By using only one node the iAquaLink only saw one connection on each network. I used the Guest network to keep an unsecured device off my main network.

The iAquaLink connected immediately and has been stable for several hours. 5 GHz has been turned back on and the other nodes plugged back in. Still playing well...

I will post updates but hopefully the iAquaLink will remain stable...


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

We have heard these reports before of automation panels not properly working with mesh routers. Your fixes are consistent with what other folks have found.


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Nov 9, 2020
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I just purchased and set up the new eero Pro 6 mesh system and couldn't get the iaqualink to connect. After tying all of the eero suggested switches (legacy mode, stopping 5ghz, etc), I decided to give eero support a call. Unfortunately, I got the guy who slept through Customer Service training and told me to call the other company. Genius! Anyway, before doing that I reread the post from JFad and turned on the guest network. That fixed the connection so a big thanks to you!
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May 30, 2018
Carefree, AZ
Glad the info helped... my iAqualink connection has been pretty consistent since September - minor "Offline" issues but nothing severe enough to plow more time into the connection - too many other things demanding attention!
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