iaqualink online, can control pool, but NOT access settings


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Feb 25, 2018
Dallas tx

Had an iaqualink for years, very few issues. Major pool updates were over a year ago so no changes to the equipment recently
But my pool go to guy is AWOL, I've only seen one similar post which suggested I should kill the power and remove the backup battery.
I just want to see if that is the best course of action.

I noticed my daily schedule was not running (7am-5pm)
I went into settings (from PC), clicked on the schedule, everything was fine.

I then noticed the time was 10 hours fast
I couldn't get out of schedule settings. I has a pop up prompt saying
even though I hadn't changed anything on the schedule
Whatever I did (even clicking on SAVE, it had no effect)

I closed that browser window and went about my day.

I went back to it today and the pool is online, I can operate the pool through my phone app as usual
However I cannot get into settings, from PC or phone
The waiting for connection just keeps displaying

Any better solution than killing the power and removing the backup battery?



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Sep 17, 2017
Silicon Valley, CA
Before killing power, I would try logging out of iAqualink on both app and PC, and also killing the app on the phone.

I might even reset our home router in case there was a connection error on that side.


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Feb 25, 2018
Dallas tx

This worked! Thanks so much for the suggestion.
I powered down both my Uverse router and a 16 port router that the iaqualink is connected to

I had previously just tried disconnecting the LAN cable from the Antennae Box.

My date & time is reset and I have one more thing ticked off the suburban keep me busy from having a life list.