iAquaLink not turning off pump or heater


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Mar 10, 2020
Hi everyone! I just discovered my IAqualink on my iPhone will not turn of the pump or heater. Our pool is 86 degrees and just keeps running. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am currently in California and my house is in Arizona! It is heated by propane.


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Oct 25, 2015

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When you say the temp is 86 degrees are you referring to the temp reported by the control or a thermometer in the pool? Also, do you mean the iphone is not connected to the pool or the temp sensor is not reading correctly? In other words can you set the temp at the heater and it works? If it happens even when you control manually at the heater sounds like the temp sensor is failing and reporting a lower temp than actual. This a little unusual since they usually fail high, not low. Can you please provide photos of your installation especially where the temp sensors are located. The heater control board checks this differential to know when to turn off. Can you please provide more details on your installation? Are you using the RS-485 or the fireman's switch method?

Last thing to mention is warranty. If you're under warranty beware that you could void it if you attempt to repair yourself. Also, any DIY repairs using Jandy parts will have no warranty unless you go through an authorized Jandy supplier/installer.

I hope this helps.