iAquaLink 2 "Spa" setting in freeze protection?


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Dec 13, 2020
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HI! The older "One Touch" Aqualink RS manuals have a little blurb in one of the figures saying that if you select "Spa" in the freeze protection settings, every 30 minutes, the controls will cycle between pool and spa.

But the newer iAqualink 2.0 manuals _don't_ say that, even though the "Spa" setting is present in the web app menu.

Does anyone know if the 30/30 behavior happens with the iAqualink 2?

If so, does the 30/30 behavior work all right? Our temps don't go below 20F with at most 9 hours below freezing (usually fewere; we're in NC), so it seems that it ought to for us.

Some background. Skip if not interested...

I think I need the 30/30 because otherwise the spa drains are always valved off, so that branch is subject to freeze.

Until now (it's our first winter with pool) I have been manually setting the spa/pool drains selector valve at 50/50. But this creates a weird situation. When all pumps are off, normal for night time, the raised spa drains to pool level due to flow between drains. This exposes the spa jets. If the temperature goes down, freeze protection turns on all pumps. The jet pump proceeds to throw pool water all over the back yard from the exposed jets. This scared the bejesus out of me the one time it happened. If I hadn't made that last check before bed, what a mess... The upshot is that I only crack the valve when a nighttime freeze is possible and _always_ run the circulation pump to make sure the spa stays full. This works fine except all the manual checking and setting is a pain, and I'm running the circulation pump more than needed. The 30/30 cycle would be completely automatic.

Thanks for any pointers.


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Jul 21, 2013
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At the core the Aqualink RS system is the same. What differs is the control panel UI between the All Button, One Touch, PDA, iAqualink, or IAqualink 2.0. The features should all work the same, just the UI is different.

Pool equipment manufacturers write terrible inconsistent manuals about how their products work.
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