Iaqualink 1.0 connection issues


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Jun 5, 2016
Martinez, CA
I know Jandy make some hardware changes for the 2.0 version which fixed some of the original wifi issues but my original version frequntly will drop the connection to the home wifi. No ryme or reason why. Sometimes it goes 2 or 3 weeks, other times, a few days. I cant get a reconnection unless it's rebooted at the circuit breaker. IIRC someone way more knowlegable about wifi set up, mentioned that their (jandy) approach to linking was somewhat flawed.

Im not real happy about,having to go reset the controller every week or two but have been living with it for awhile. However, now that Im away from home more, I dont have a way to reset it so that I can monitor all is OK. Several times I was traveling and unable to access the controller remotely for,a week or two until my return.

Does anyone have any recommendations (other than running a lan cable) that will improve the reliability of aquiring (and specifically maintaining) the wifi connection? I have a dedicated wifi router for the iaqualink and other home devices that can be configured differently if need be to fix the issue.

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Sep 5, 2008
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Two biggest things to try to get with those "virtual wires" is to get the transmitter at the equipment as high as you can (maybe even line of sight to the house).
And as far from all the motors (directions say at least 10 feet), as you can.