I Won A Bet


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Jul 17, 2007
Hillsborough, NC
Was at the pool place a few weeks ago picking up some filter cleaner. While I was there a guy I recognized from work was getting some algaecide. He had an algae bloom. On the way out I told him he didn't need it and he should just come here and look up BBB. I bet him lunch he could clear his pool up in a few days. He paid up today. :-D He said his family loves how clean the pool is and he now spends more time swimming and less maintaining.


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Dec 22, 2007
Central New York
Sorry. but I don't tell anyone about this place. I love to watch neighbors work on their pools. You can tell when they walk back to their pool with acouple of boxes that they were just to the pool store or WalMart. Fridays is great because you know they are going to have a party Saturday night.

If only the neighbor hadn't seen my TFP test kit. He returned it empty of CYA reagent. :cry:

He didn't say much except his CC is high. :roll:


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Jun 3, 2008
Marana, AZ
I'm glad I found this site too. I was planning on doing the "froggy thing" all the way! Using tri-chlor bac-pacs (although I was thinking of tri-chlor in a floater when I found out that's okay with the pool-frog too). Keeping the chlorine at about .5 ppm, 1 at the most, not worrying about CYA (they told me in the pool store that wasn't important!) etc. And all because I didn't want too much of a "chlorine smell" or burning eyes.

It does make me aggravated the way the pool stores say you need this, this, that, and that to balance your water and not have that "chlorine smell" or burning eyes. :x