I was wondering what I need to add a vacuum side port in my inground 25 year old pool


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Apr 3, 2017
Hey I am renovating my pool and there are a few things I want to do.

Pool specs: 25 year old in ground concrete. 24k gallons. 1 skimmer that only is used to connect navigator. 3, 3/4inch return jets that are installed in an angle and inside the pool wall and the pvc were cut off flush with the wall so they don't have any of the threaded jet return adapter.

1st: New coping and concrete pool deck.
2nd: Add a vacuum side port.
3rd: add the threaded return jet adapter.

So the reason why I want to add the side port is because I live next to a busy street and the water after a while gets a fine layer of dust/ dirt. I had a pool guy come out and he recommended a side port so that the skimmer could take care of the top of the water and the side port will take care of the inside of the pool.
As off right now I already took out all the old coping and deck and drained the pool so I want to know what I need to to drill into the pool wall. How big the hole should be, and how do I fill the hole once the line is in.

Lastly, for the return jets. the pool guy also recommend to add the a threaded adapter to the jets so that the don't erode the concrete over time. However, like I previously said the pipes are in an angle so that's going to be hard.( I will add a picture so You can see what I mean) . So my plan is to re plumb the lines so that they no longer are in an angle. So I am assuming I have to plug those old angled holes and drill new ones, would that procces be the same as the vac port?

Thank You . 20170403_091022 (1).jpg 20170403_090953.jpg


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Apr 1, 2007
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I would get it right and drill new holes, covering up the old holes.....before you do the decking of course.


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Apr 12, 2016
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As someone who lives in a place with a lot of dust/dirt blowing around, I noticed a huge change in my water quality when I added a Kreepy to my suction port. Night and day difference in clarity, especially when people were in the pool kicking around.