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Apr 14, 2021
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Summer of 2019 we bought an Intex 22x52 pool. It came with the awful cartridge pump. Suffered thru the summer with that. The following spring, I purchased an intex sand filter pump 2800gph. I sanitize with a floater with two 3 inch chlorine tabs. I have the intex robot vacuum.. I also have the intex skimmer. I wonder if the pump is big enough for the pool.? The water definitely moves. The robot moves for awhile but I dont think my hose for that goes to the opposite side of pool as well. I use a test strip kit, I have the testing kit.. my ph always seems high, I use ph down. My water is rarely clear and clean looking. Lots of green water, lots of algae. When hooking up vaccuum with head, I attach hose to port that I remove the grid from and turn filter to waste. I work on the pool more then I enjoy it. Any info, helpful tips you can give me would be much appreciated!


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Maggs and Welcome !!!!

I sanitize with a floater with two 3 inch chlorine tabs

I use a test strip kit
^^^^^^^^ the two will almost always lead to this :
My water is rarely clear and clean looking

But it's OK, you were new to pools and didn't know. Ask a few friends who really don't know either, or they've been lucky, or even WORSE !!!! Go ask the pool store that needs to sell you a bunch of overpriced chemicals to stay in business. So they start you on a yo-yo method and it spirals out of control until you've had enough. Then you find us. We got you now :)
I work on the pool more then I enjoy it
Those days are behind you.

1) you need a reliable test kit. See Test Kits Compared
(The TF-100 is the best long term value)
2) read ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry ask anything and as often as you need
3) follow Recommended Levels
4) ****holy grail***** keep your chlorine based on the FC/CYA Chart
5) pool is trouble free.

It's alot to take in at first. We were all in your exact shoes. We get it. We will help guide you until you can be the one helping. Read, process, read again, process, ask. Repeat as needed.
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