I think my SWCG is finally failing


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Apr 28, 2012
Newton, NC
This will be the 7th summer for our Hayward T-CELL-15, and I think it is finally dying.

I seem to recall reading that if you get different salt readings when the cell switches from + voltage to - voltage that it is telling you that some or all plates are wearing out on one side. When my cell is operating on positive voltage, it is telling me the salt level is 3,000ppm. When it switches to negative voltage, it reads 2,500ppm. I know the two readings won't necessarily be exactly the same, but a difference of 500 seems significant.

I definitely plan to replace the cell this summer. I'm just wondering if this is an urgent matter or if I can take my time. :unsure:


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Jun 12, 2011
7 years is a really good run for a cell. When you do replace it, make sure it’s another real Hayward cell not a knockoff.