I think my SLAM is complete - please check


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Jan 31, 2014
Brookhaven, MS
I say I *think* it is complete in that the OCLT passed, however, the water is still slightly cloudy. The shallow end is perfect. The deep end, I can definitely make out the details of the drain and I even see a couple of leaves on the bottom. I might be picky, but it's clear in the sense that I can see everything, but not sparkling blue - make sense?

Last night, around 7p, I tested and got my numbers.
This morning around 7a, I got my numbers again. FC only fell .5

So, I turned my SWG=ON this morning and I guess I will take more readings tonight around 7p?

Here's my SLAM progress. Some of the notes might not be complete, but it shows my SLAM journey:

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Apr 1, 2007
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Passing the OCLT requires three things...

A. Pool water should be crystal clear with no sign of algae anywhere
B. CC's test result should be .5 ppm or less
C. You should not lose more than 1 ppm FC overnight.

Sorry, but these criteria are written with no wiggle room. Your pool doesn't meet "A"

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