I "think" I'm ready...but just a few more little questions for you wonderful poolple :)


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Jun 18, 2020
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HI all,

So landscapers are coming next week and have an awesome plan in place thanks to all of your suggestions, we have the testing kit (the big mama jamma T-100 XL or something like that ha ha ha), all the recommended chemicals (not too many) etc. some gadgets (the wall mount skimmer) I have a few questions/recommendations needed.

1) Eventually I will be getting a 3/4 deck installed around outside (next spring project) but for now, I hear the stairs provided are not sturdy. I have a 6'5" 295lb BF and 21 yo, 18 yo and 10 yo boys.... what do you recommend? and should I purchase the pad that the stair legs sit on? We DO NOT HAVE any decking or anything around it so would need the stairs to be both inside and outside of pool.

2) I only have the filtration system that came with package included 110-120V Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System (pump flow rate: 2,650 Gph) with Hydro Aeration® Technology for easy maintenance. I have not decided if I should transfer to salt (i understand a chlorine pool IS a salt pool) but if I do, what other filter/pump do you recommend?

3) sand for filter- silica #20 approx 70lbs??? Correct??

4) once I fill- I do not put anything into pool. I test and then input the numbers into the app (I paid for the better one) but also place them here? I am so nervous about the chemical aspect as I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years and shocks and chlorine dumps were regular :/. Looking forward to having a clean pool with the minimal amount of chemical (I don't mind putting in the work)

I am sure I will come up with more as I want to do this right the first time. Spending a small fortune on landscaping/leveling so it NEEDS to be done right ha ha ha


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Jun 11, 2018
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Your CYA will be zero, you can add as soon as you can run the pump. (Outlets to pump are full of water and won’t starve pump). Use sock method. I would only add 1/2 or 3/4 of what you think you need. Check in 24 hours or so. Prevent you from putting too much in if gallons are wrong.

You can check PH, TA, and CH of your fill water to give you an idea of where you are starting from. Also good time to practice! 😀. Post those here and or share your PM Ap. So experts can see info

When about half full you can add enough CL to reach 4ppm or so if you want. Test in 30 minutes if you wish. More practice. Heh. Or maybe not...pump won’t be mixing yet. Depends on how you are filling whether it will mix or not.

The experts can touch on the other questios


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Jun 1, 2018
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Welcome to tfp! :wave:
You’re on the right track so I’ll try to answer some of your questions:

1)There are some ladders/steps that the outside can be removed & you can attach the interior part to the deck. You’ll just have to shop around as many are backordered right now.

2) I calculated your pool volume to be 15300 gal. w/PoolMath
So that pump/filter/swg combo is right on the edge as it’s swg is rated for 15k gal. Since its included w/ your pool you should definitely use it but if anything breaks or it doesn’t perform as needed & u wish to upgrade - go bigger . The main issue with them being “under sized” is that you may find you need longer run times than you might prefer.

3)#20 silica YES! Except it looks like yours needs 120lbs. It should be 2/3 full.

4)like msch99 said - add 4ppm liquid chlorine while filling (mix it around)
when u can run the pump add 30 ppm cya via sock method
if you’re going w/swg you will test in a couple days & add enough to get to 60-70ppm but its best to do it in steps as to not overshoot.
Refer to the FC/CYA Chart
-the rest u can sort out when its running
- if u choose to use the swg only go up to about 2800 ppm or it may throw a high salt alarm. Its best to add the salt in steps like 3/4 of the amount & then let it mix for about a day & test it. So until you have that all mixed in you won’t be running the swg & you’ll be manually dosing with liquid chlorine daily.

I hope i’ve helped! Enjoy your new pool!
We’ll be here if u need us😊
Also check out ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry


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Oct 20, 2017
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The Intex ladder is very flimsy, I imagine so is the Coleman one. After some reading here and looking at prices I ordered a Confer 7200. It's an A-frame ladder. Note two things though. It needs a pool wall height of at least 48" (you say 42" in your sig, I'm assuming that's water not wall height) and when not used on a steel wall pool requires the Ladder Adapter Kit (LAK).

I ordered the ladder from In The Swim and the LAK direct from Confer. Ordered both on the 8th, the LAK showed up yesterday, but I'm still waiting on a shipping notice for the ladder itself. You can't, unfortunately, order the ladder direct from Confer.

It can later be converted with the purchase of another kit to a deck mount on the outside if you add a deck later, preventing the need to order a whole new ladder/stairs when a deck is built.

I'll have pictures and thoughts available as soon as I get mine if you're interested.
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