I swear my pump or circulation system isn't working right


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Mar 25, 2010
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I honestly can't believe that my pump/circulation is working the way it should be. How is it possible to have the pump running all day and still walk outside and see a water surface of bugs and debris? Not a ton...but not a little amount either. I have pathetically sat and watched a swarm of bugs move from one side of the pool to the other and they go right past the skimmer. I know the skimmer is working b/c my skimmer socks are filled with gunk every day. I replace the panty hose daily b/c there are bugs and a "film" all over them. So either I am just being ridiculously picky (I admit to being a clean freak) or something is NOT right! I have tried adjusting the eyeball on the jets but I don't even know which way to point them...plus half of them I can't even unscrew at all to adjust them anyway. There are definitely dead spots in the pool and I know that can be normal but I just feel like the circulation of the water isn't good. Things just appear very stagnant. I swear if my spa spillway wasn't pouring water over into the pool I would barely see the water move. I brush & skim my pool daily.

I have my pump set to run 9 hours/day on a speed of anywhere from 2100-2350. The filter was cleaned about 2 months ago and the pressure reads about 11 psi on a speed of 2100. My Polaris runs 2 hours/day but many times I see it floating above the floor or stuck in a corner and I have to move it. Surely this pump speed is high enough considering I read articles about people with MUCH lower speeds than that. I have called Pentair for help in setting speeds and I think I know as much as the lady on the phone (which is VERY scary b/c I know *nothing*).

So am I just uber picky or does something seem off here? This is my first summer with a pool so maybe I'm just expecting too much. :?:


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Mar 25, 2010
Dallas, TX
Richard320 said:
Time to start playing with the return eyeballs. Maybe they're pointed down.
Where do they need to point? To the side and all in same direction or different directions? And there are 2 of them I can't move or unscrew.


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Apr 17, 2010
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Are you at least getting good water pressure out of the eyeballs when you put your hand in front on one? Have you noticed any drop in the pressure?


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May 16, 2009
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Here is a link to another thread here on TFP about return jets. Maybe it will be helpful to you.


It is my experience that returns do not have to be pointed upwards in order for the water on the surface to move around in a circle, thus getting all of the floating debris into the skimmers. We have our returns pointing flat out and slightly down, which moves all of the water counter-clockwise, which moves the surface water around too!

Just to double check: With those returns that won't move for you--you are trying to move them when the pump is turned off, correct? Good luck with your adjustments!



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Feb 23, 2008
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It's best to orient the returns in such a fashion that will keep all of the water moving in pretty much the same direction. This is so that if you have more than one skimmer and one skimmers misses something, the odds are good that the other skimmer will pick it up.

You may not get good skimming action if the water level is too high or if you don't have a weir gate on the skimmer. If the water is too high, the speed at which the water is pulled into the skimmer will be slower. The absence of a weir will also impact this similarly.

I actually have six returns on my little 10K gallon freeform pool. They are all oriented to move the water in a counterclockwise direction. I also have two skimmers. Even with this setup, some things miss the skimmers. That's just how it is sometimes.
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