I need suggestions for Plumbing Repair


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Jun 22, 2012
I need to do some plumbing repair on the underground piping and of course its buried under concrete. My big question is are there any tips and tricks on how to fix it? The leaking seam is at a 45 degree elbow in the plumbing. My best guess is cut back 10' or so of concrete to give me some flexibility when installing the new elbow. Oh and best part - the actual pipe is covered with a mortar and when I was chipping it away I put the bit through another 45 so I now have 2 to fix..... lucky me.


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
Pictures might help members come up with ideas you may not have considered.

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For example, it might be possible to put a 90 turn on both ends facing up, then make an upside down U with 2 more 90s that you can slide down into both the other 90s at the same time. Certainly a little less efficient to run through 4 90s instead of 2 45s, but if it saves having to do concrete work ...

Previous owner did something like this on mine, and it started leaking, I cut it out and used a little bigger U.


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Jun 25, 2010
the easiest would be to get 2 straight slip connectors and 1 45 degree connector and cut about 2-4 inches on each side of the existing 45 degree connecter and splice in the new section there.


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Jan 24, 2012
I second jblizzle's suggestion. Cut the section out, turn up with 90's and connect. You won't notice the difference in flow and your neighbors won't be covering their kids' ears.