I need some help with white flakes in my pool


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May 12, 2012
Elk Grove, CA
I assumed they were calcium flakes from my SWG because the Ph was drifting too high. But I have addressed that with my acid feeder and the white flakes are just as bad, if not worse. Here are the numbers from my test today (taylor Fas-dpd test kit). Nothing seems crazy to me- in fact it seems pretty close to balanced with a couple of little things I could nitpick, like raising alkalinity or fixing the CC. Pool water looks great except for the white flakes that accumulate near the returns. This was without me adjusting or adding anything. I have the normal SWG (Pentair Intellichlor) and the acid feeder (Pentair Intelliph) settings dialed in pretty good now, so this should be representative of the chemistry of the pool most of the time.

FC: 6.5
CC: 1.0
Ph: 7.5
Alkalinity: 50
CH: 375
Salt: 3300
Temp: 78
(forgot to measure CYA today- its somewhere around 50)

This is a plaster pool.

Any ideas?


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May 3, 2014
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It would be hard with those water chemistry results to get scale off the SWCG.

You are the second person tonight with about the exact same chemistry that is using an auto acid feeder with the same issue.

Something is going on with the TA or pH of the system.
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