I need advice on my Jandy Valves...


Jun 11, 2011
GTA Ontario, Canada
Hi....I moved into a house with a pool late last summer. (inground pool 16x33...22000 gallons)
I've learned how to test and maintain my water.
But I can't figure out how my Jandy valves should be set.
I get turbulence in the window of my pump filter.
I've enclosed a pic of the setup.
BTW...I don't use the chlorinator...can I bypass it?

Thank you


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May 7, 2007
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The chlorinator could be removed, but they do come in handy every once in a while. I suggest you simply don't put any tablets in it and leave it in place just in case.

There are many different ways things might be plumbed and the details of what you do with the valves depend on just how your pool was done. Typically the valve near the pump picks between either pool and spa, or between skimmer(s) and main drain. Do you know where the two pipes leading to the pump valve come from? The return valves typically picks between pool and spa, or between returns and fountain, or between one set of returns and another set of returns, or any of several other combinations. Do you know what the valve closest to the heater does?


Jun 11, 2011
GTA Ontario, Canada
Spent the weekend learning all I could about my pool. Here's the info.
Rectangular 33' by 16' (22,000 gallons) built in mid 1980's. New vinyl liner.
One skimmer and one main drain.
Four return jets (2 are by the steps).
Hayward sand filter (dont know model or size...do I just measure the circumference?)
Brand new Pentair 1/2 horsepower Whisperflo pump (please tell me this is enough pump for my pool) which my local pool store suggested I buy.

Figured out that one valve is for main drain and skimmer.
One valve is for the the returns (one pipe goes to jets in stairs, one pipe to the other two jets in pool)

So...under normal daily operation with the pump running, the two valves should be set to the center, so everything is open, right?

Now that I've figured out my plumbing and valves, I need to figure out how to stop the air sucking into my pump basket.
I've discovered that if I pour water over the suction side Jandy Valve area....the air bubbles stop just about completely, and the pump will run fine for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours with only a couple of quarter size bubbles right at the top of the lid and no turbulence.
Eventually, the air and turbulence begin again.
I have replaced the valve o-rings, but it didnt stop the problem.
I'm thinking one of the pipe connections might be the problem.
The pool store that installed the new pump is responsible for the suspect connections.
Do I argue with them to redo it....or do I do it myself and make sure it's done right?

Any advice at all?


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May 19, 2010
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Sounds like you got the valves figured out.

If you can isolate where the leak is from and it is something they installed ... make them fix it.

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