I messed up. I used flocc. Now what?

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How did you get FC level of 12? Are you looking at the Non SWCG chart on the CYA chart in the SLAM FC column? making the CYA stabilizer of 30? If so, how did you decide on 12 and not 16?
Because you just refilled the pool with new water, you will have to add stabilizer. Use the minimum CYA of 30 to add stabilizer and that will also be your reference point on the FC/CYA Chart for the proper SLAM FC level. You'll see for a CYA of 30 you need a SLAM level of 12. I don't recall if you have a salt or non-salt pool and your signature is not update with all of your pool and equipment info, so please do that as soon as you get a chance.

If all you have is the K-2005 test kit, you need to order the FAS-DPD found HERE to perform the SLAM and measure FC up to 12 or higher.

Adding CYA:
To increase CYA via granular stabilizer, place the required amount as calculated by the Poolmath calculator into a white sock and place in the poolside skimmer basket. For those concerned about suction flow to the pump, suspending the sock near a return jet or from a floating device will also suffice. Best never to allow undissolved granules to rest directly against the pool surface. Squeeze the sock periodically to help it dissipate. Once dissolved, consider your CYA adjusted to that programmed (target) level. CYA test readings should show a rise in 24-48 hours, however some pools may experience a longer delay to fully register. Best to confirm final CYA in about 5-7 days before adding any more stabilizer/conditioner.


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Jul 8, 2015
Can I buy the missing FAS-DPD chlorine test on its own? Why cannot I not do the math using what I have to get that result?
Oop, Marty just posted the test only goes to 10ppm... theoretically you could test a diluted sample, but the accuracy goes down with each dilution, and it doesn't follow the protocol that everyone here uses. So for consistency its best to get the tests that we all use for standard comparison. It makes it hard to make recommendations of everyone is using a different testing product or method.