I love my new "leaf eater" here in the Maine woods!


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May 16, 2010
Southern Maine
I have really disliked vacuuming leaves out of my pool- I just can't seem to embrace vacuuming anyway! It drives me crazy trying to get the right level of suction going plus all the grubby stuff that seems to get into the front of the pump, etc... I had a lot of leaves in my pool this year and a friend recommended a very low tech solution called a "Leaf Eater". It reminds me of teaching science to 5th graders- it's just an attachment to a garden hose that has a large "sock" on the top. It creates a vector when the water is on that sucks up leaves. It has made life so much easier here in the Maine woods. Our pool is surrounded by maple and oak trees.

I just wanted to share this great tip for others who have trees around!


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May 15, 2009
Pomeroy, Iowa
I second that Julia!! I have a bunch of evergreens around my house along with others & it is a must to have it picking up a bunch of leaves, pines needles, etc. Probably about the cheapest pool accessory that really works.