I inherited a mess, any help is appreciated :(


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Apr 7, 2017
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I inherited a pool that was built in 1976. Its an inground 33,000 gallon pool that I have diligently been trying to get clean for the last 6 months. I've brushed everyday my testing levels all say that the pool water is good. I've shocked, I've flocced I've vacuumed and brushed. I've even vacuum to waste. Nothing works. The pool continues to have a layer of what I think is brownish dead algae on its floor everyday. The money I've spent is ridiculous. I've read every article, I test my own water and the results are always good, but the water is either cloudy or the floor is dirty ALWAYS even after daily brushing hours of it. I let the filter run 24/7 . I did notice after backwashing and rinsing that the jet ports are returning something dirty back into the water but it clears after about a minute. Do I need to replace the sand in the filter? I read that the filter is from 2006 so it probably hasn't been changed since then. Will changing it do any good? When I vacuums I have two skimmer baskets. I put a ball in one for better suction but the suction barely does anything . There is hardly no pull in the suction at all. So I end up brushing everything to the bottom and filtering to waste but even that doesn't work. Any help is appreciated I'm tired and ready to give up. I bought this place because of the pool, I was hoping to be able to swim but so far its only been a time wasting nightmare.

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: It sounds like you have several issues to contend with, so allow me to point-out a few things we all need to know and we'll go from there:
- Home testing is #1. No doubt. But what kit are you using? Is it a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006?
- We need to know water test results from one of those kits to help. Anything else is simply guessing which as you have already experienced, wastes time and money.
- Stay out of the pool store. There are no quick fixes for algae or other unbalanced chemical issues. Again, lots of $$$ down the tubes.
- Backwashing tells me you have a sand or DE filter. It's an in-ground pool, but is it plaster or vinyl? Any other parts? For these reasons, please go to your profile and update your signature. Your sig is the first thing we look at on any post to get our bearings straight.

Let's start and build from there so we can help. But I'll let you know now before the other replies come in, it all starts with reliable test results from a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006. If you don't have either, that needs to be priority #1. Please see the TF-100 link in my sig. I highly recommend the TF-100 XL option with speedstir.

Let us know and we'll be watching to help. Great to have you with us.

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