I have Green, Salt Cells don't last forever, who knew.

Kent Farago

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Jun 26, 2019
Deer Valley Saskatchewan
I have had a pretty smooth running pool now for about 10 years with little trouble after the first year of trial and error. My Daughter called today with OMG dad what is wrong with the pool, it stinks and its green. I could not believe how bad it actually was, it was really disheartening. I think my salt cell has given up on me, I didn’t realize they don’t last forever, internet suggests 3 to 7 years tops, I guess I did well.

I don’t think I will get it cleaned for the long weekend, I hope I can get it cleaned without draining it, this is a new one on me! I will pick up a good test kit and start from there. I will advise and likely be asking for some help.

Signed, demoralized!:sick:


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Jul 21, 2013
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