I have a new pool and I cannot get the ph down.

I am having trouble getting my ph down :( . I have been using regular bleach and am trying to stick with the bbb method only but I did use an algecide in my pool when I came home from a two week vacation and have also put stabilizer and a treatment for the hard water. I had a pool once before but never had this much trouble with the chemicals. Can somone help me. I have an above ground 24'x52" round pool.
Thank You


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May 7, 2007
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Can you post all of your test numbers? High alkalinity can cause the PH to be constantly rising. What "treatment for the hard water" did you use? Nothing else you mentioned would have a significant effect on PH.
I will post numbers later and I will also get the exact name for the treatment for hard water. The alkaline is way off the chart also. I cannot seem to get them down. What am I doing wrong?